Kaaal Marathi Found Footage Horror Trailer Launched

Kaaal is an upcoming Marathi horror movie. The movie’s premise is different from the various Marathi and  Bollywood horror movies. The movie explores the found footage genre of horror cinema – one of the first times in Marathi cinema. The concept’s quite clear in the trailer – a group of young film-makers put up cameras in an allegedly haunted bungalow. Things go for a toss actual ghost in the bungalow starts attacking them.

Watch Kaaal trailer here:

D.Sandeep writes and directs this Marathi horror movie, Kaaal. Hemant Ruprell, Ranjit Thakur, Nitin Vaidya, and D.Sandeep produce this movie. The movie’s trailer has landed on the Rajshri Marathi channel.

Found footage genre has survived several years. One of the most important and popular Hollywood horror movies in this genre is Paranormal Activity. That indie film became an enormous franchise that’s made billions at the box office. There’s a reboot of the franchise, The first Hollywood horror movie in that franchise is pegged for a 2021 release.

The Marathi movie industry is waking up to the horror genre, just like the Bollywood movie industry. In 2017, the wake-up call was Vishal Furia’s Lapachappi, the Marathi horror movie that mixed patriarchy and female infanticide with horror elements.  Since then, Furia is up with another movie, Bali, starring Swwapnil Joshi. GSEAMS  has produced the Marathi sci-fi movie, Vicky Velingkar as well.

Kaaal releases in Theaters on 24th Jan. 

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