Katrina Kaif – Ali Abbas Zafar Movie Now Termed ‘Actioner’

Katrina Kaif
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Katrina Kaif was in the limelight a while ago for her movie(s) with Ali Abbas Zafar, who went to town announcing his work with Katrina. Its a bit complicated, and there’s a lot to unpack, so stay with me for a moment.

Initially, Ali said that he was making a superhero movie with Katrina Kaif. He made the announcement and the media went to town. After a while, Zafar announced that he was making a remake/reboot/sequel, to Mr. India. That announcement put him in hot water. The likes of Shekhar Kapur and Sonam Kapoor slammed him and the company that was trying to make the Mr. India movie. In fact, Ali said that this will be a franchise/trilogy.

All this occurred a few months ago. Today, Ali has come out with a very vanilla piece on India TV about his ‘actioner’ with Katrina Kaif. Gone is the term ‘superhero’ movie and gone is the term ‘Mr. India’ as well.

Watch Phantom Trailer:

The most hardened journalist will agree that Mr. Zafar has been cagey about revealing his projects with Katrina Kaif. Is he making the Mr. India movie and an ‘actioner’ with her? Is it an ‘actioner’ or is it a ‘superhero’ movie? Is this the same movie? Does this mean that Katrina Kaif will be starring in the Mr. India sequel/reboot? Which, for the record, is both an actioner as well as a superhero movie.

Critics and fans will agree that Katrina Kaif has yet not got the one role that becomes her definitive one. She has been trying to get into the action mode since a while. She was also part of the Saif Ali Khan starrer Phantom, where she again had an action oriented role. If whatever Abbas is saying is correct, Katrina will become the first woman superhero in a post modern Bollywood.

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