Khatra: Another Bollywood Sci-Fi Movie We Don’t Talk About

Khatra, Bollywood Scifi movie

Khatra (1991)

CastSumeet Saigal, Ekta, Raza Murad, Rajesh Vivek, Huma Khan, Goga Kapoor, Maneck Irani
StoryP Ram Mohan
Screenplay and DirectionH N Singh
ProducerP Ram Mohan, A. Prabhakar Goud, Vinod Kumar Goud

Khatra is a Bollywood scifi movie with some horror elements that hit theaters in 1991. If you have been reading this site, you know the nineties is my favorite decade. That’s also because Indian scriptwriters were at their creative best and had the opportunity to explore. The nineties is also the decade for popular Bollywood horror movies. This was the decade just two years after the Ramsays released Veerana (1988). Other movie makers like Vinod Talwar and Mohan Bhakri made horror movies as well. Even the South started dubbing or remaking their movies for the Bollywood audience. This was also the decade of inspired, if not refreshing film making. One such movie that we don’t talk about much is Khatra, starring Raza Murad, Rajesh Vivek, Huma Khan and others. Here’s the review.

Khatra Synopsis:

A scientist, Dr. Verma,  is hell bent on bringing life back into the dead. He begins his experiments on some of his patients with little to no effect. He is the family doctor of a rich, good natured man, Mr.Jackson. Unfortunately, Jackson dies and Verma thinks that he can use his corpse for his experiment. Verma is successful in giving life back to Jackson, but he turns out to be a zombie, aggressive individual instead of the good natured and honest man that he was. Verma begins training him and thinks that he will be able to return him to his original state. However, one day, Jackson sees Verma and his fiance in an intimate position and his lust erupts. In a vicious attack, Jackson kills both Dr. Verma and his fiance, after sexually molesting her.

With Verma dead, the secret of Jackson’s origin is dead as well. The only proof of Jackson’s origin is a diary that Verma maintained. As the deaths increase, a young police officer, Inspector Vikram must investigate  the murders and stop them at all costs. Does the Inspector succeed? Or does Jackson continue to unleash his wrath on the city? To find out more, you will need to watch Khatra.


Khatra is pure shlock, and thank God for that. Its impressive that someone tried to make a sci-fi movie back in the nineties. Not that nobody tried beforehand. Indian cinema had a lot of fantasy and scip-fi movies up until the sixties. From the seventies to the eighties, the number of Indian sci-fi movies decreased. Only in the seventies did the Ramsays make Andhera, possibly the first Indian sci-fi movie in the post-modern era.

Raza Murad plays the scientist and Rajesh Vivek plays the rich man. Khatra has some classic nineties production values and art direction. So the doctor is always wearing a labcoat, the lab is full of bunsen burners and wires that connect one to the other, so on and so forth. There’s not a shred of science in here. Individuals wanting to hear discourses of life and death and the afterlife and humankind’s want to rejuvenate life should look elsewhere.

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The movie could have been controversial when it released because of a prolonged intimate scene that involves three characters, not the common number of two. I wonder how this scene passed, that too in the nineties.

Like other Bollywood horror movies, the scriptwriter mixes horror elements with the typical Bollywood masala elements. So, we have the love story of the police officer going on. Also, we have a crook that keeps on fighting with the police officer. All this is integrated quite well in the movie, but does eat into the play time, leaving only a couple of those gory murders to be portrayed on screen.

While the movie is imminently watchable, its the climax that’s note-worthy. This is one of those rare movies where the demon/zombie doesn’t die because of a religious artefact, making this a very different movie than the tropes that we see now and then.

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