Khooni Panja: Simple is Surreal

Khooni Panja, Bollywood Horror Movie

Khooni Panja (1991)

CastJaved Khan, Sargam, Tiku Talsania, Sandhya, Ajit Vachchani, Seema Vaz, Reeta Bhaduri, Beena, Anil Dhawan, Mac Mohan, Sudhir Pandey, Tina Ghai,
DirectorVinod Talwar
StorySalim Yusuf,
ScreenplayS. Tahir
ProducersVinod Talwar, S. K Talwar and Achal Talwar

Khooni Panja is a Bollywood horror movie that hit theaters in 1991. The movie is a Vinod Talwar production. He is one of the few producers lighting the horror torch in the post Ramsay era. Khooni Panja stars the horror movie staples like Javed Khan, Beena and others. Khooni Panja  released a few years after  Veerana (1988).  This was the era of dramatic. There was an overload of over the top effects, fog machines, utter darkness, so on and so forth.  This was the era of low-key titillation. Screenplay writers would create sequences to justify the lead female actress being skimpily clad. With these aspects in mind, here’s my review of Khooni Panja.

Khooni Panja Synopsis:

The couple Ajay and Pinky are deeply in love. Their families approve of this relationship as well.  They want the couple to marry at the earliest. One day, Ajay’s mother invites Pinky over at home to introduce her to to the family. There, Ajay’s mother tells Pinky that they have disowned Ajay’s elder brother, Ajit because he broke off his previous marriage with Seema and married the second time to Usha. Pinky tells Ajay’s mother that she wishes everyone should live in harmony and they should invite the elder brother and his wife to the ceremony.

As the wedding date nears, mysterious deaths take place. First off, Pinky’s servant is found dead under mysterious circumstances.  Next, the caretaker of the nearby cemetery is found dead. Coincidentally, Pinky had once wandered off in the cemetery. It was only when her family searched for her that they found her in an unconscious state. More deaths occur in Ajit’s family. The family finally finds out that a supernatural power possesses Pinky and she is the murderer. Ajit and his family now have to save Pinky and ensure that she doesn’t commit any more murders. But who is his supernatural power? Why did it possess Pinky? To know this and more, watch Khooni Panja.

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Khooni Panja has a modern concept. Its a bold new decade and directors and scriptwriters worth their salt were staying away from the concept of an unknown zombie attacking a couple or a family. Meaning, the possessed couple aren’t innocents caught in the crossfire, they have a history with the demon – and a very personal one at that. Khooni Panja will delight the typical Bollywood horror fan because of the prosthetic use and the concrete presence of the demon/zombie. Director Vinod Talwar doesn’t hide his antagonist in thick smoke or use camera tricks to hide cheap prosthetic. He knows what he has to offer and is happy to offer that to the audience.

Also, this is one of the few Indian horror movies that show the demon as someone who can grow in size. That’s a rare sequence. Given the CGI available in the nineties, its doesn’t come out good on screen, but at least director Talwar tried to do something unique with the demon.

Even the murders are meaty and sensational enough for the audience. The screenplay writer knew that the Bollywood audience now has at least seen Hollywood horror movies on a VHS, so they will be wanting something more from the local fare as well. This is another body-suit horror movie, like the ones I have written about here and here. But the body suit is creative and not just an ape one that we saw in the other Bollywood horror movies. In fact, after Bandh Darwaza, this is an iconic look that encapsulates Bollywood horror in one image.

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