Khori Tells About an Ancient Supernatural Indian Practice in the Himalayas

Ever heard of a word Khori? Well, habitants of Himachal Pradesh must be well aware of it. Khori is a tradition in Himalayan belts which helps to find the missing people. There are times when human efforts fall short to track a missing person. It’s a process that enables to track missing people and a special sect of people practice it. Though it has no proven scientific ground, it’s still a go-to process for many who have lost hopes. Khori is still one of the most popular traditions followed in Himalayan belts to find people who are untraceable.

Producer Aaliya Hasan throws light on this lesser-known Himalayan tradition. She has produced the movie,  written and directed by Suzad Iqbal Khan. Mohd. Rizwan is the co-producer and this supernatural thriller. Few Bollywood horror movies explore the various myths and beliefs in India, so Khori is a refreshing change. The story seems interesting and right in line with the concept of bringing India’s stories to the fore.

The Ramsays played a lot with the plot of supernatural beings and even human beings helping out villagers. One of their most famous movies, Veerana, was about an influential family in the village that promises to safeguard the villagers from a witch that seduced and killed young male villagers.

The Ramsays again brought the plot of a benevolent person helping villagers fight against supernatural forces with Saamri 3D. In that movie, Aniruddha Agarwal played the titular character. He played the role of a black magician who helps in the exorcism of possessed individuals. However, his family wants to usurp his property and therefore kill him off. Of course, Saamri comes back and avenges his death.

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