Kerala Woman Kills Six Family Members

The news tumbled out yesterday, and it seemed it was just the media going on an overdrive. The police suspected a woman in Kerala of killing six of her family members. Shockingly, the woman has confessed to killing all the six. The modus operandi was simple – poising each of them with potassium cyanide. In the coming weeks, this will become known as the Koodhadayi murders.

It all started in 2002, when the retired teacher Annama Thomas collapsed and died. Six years later, her husband Tom Thomas died. In 2011, their son, Roy Thomas died as well. A few years later, in 2016, Annama’s brother, Mathew Manjadiyil died as well. A relative, Sili and her 2 year old daughter Alphonsa died as well. Allegedly, the daughter-in-law, Jolly had a hand in all these murders, either for the property, or because she was in love with Sili’s widower, Shaju.

This is the first time, at least in India, that someone has plotted and carried out multiple crimes with a singular thought for six long years. The accused, Jolly, claims that she is a lecturer at the NIT. Two other men, one who works in a jewelery store and another man, accused of providing the cynanide are also in police custody. With Joy accepting the crime, this is another sordid chapter in the world of weird crimes in India.

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