KooKooTV launches Kissey Khauff Ke

Kissey Khauff Ke is a horror animation series by KooKooTV, the YouTube channel that had exclusive content for children. The series streams on their sister channel, Horror Adventures. The channel has animated horror stories inspired by the various horror stories that are part and parcel of Indian folklore. The first two episodes are now available to stream for free.

Watch Kissey Khauff Ke Episode One:

Neil D’Silva, the author of horror and supernatural novels like Maya’s New Husband, Yakshini and Haunted has created this horror animation series for KooKooTV, spearheaded by Durgaram Choudhary.

The animation and the basic look of the horror animation series are like the animation classics we saw on Sunday TV. The episodes are in Hindi, so that increases its audiences already by leaps and bounds. The episode are available in Hindi, Telugu, Bangla for now.

The content is a perfect introduction in the world of horror for someone who’s just trying the waters. It also works well for someone who wants a respite from binge-watching their favorite horror franchises like Halloween or a Chucky watch-all series.

Speaking about the project, Neil D’Silva talked about his experience working on the project:

It was a great experience as I had a free hand over the entire conceptualization and direction of the show. I could tell the stories I wanted to, and the expert animation team led by Vishal Kapse worked with me to give the show the look and feel we had envisioned for it.

I also asked him for some details about the project, and he had this to say:

We have, for now, planned 300 episodes. This is going to be a huge project. We plan to translate it into most Indian languages. Since the stories are taken from various real-life experiences and our own imagination, they could lend well to our general horror audience’s palate.

KooKooTV is a pioneer in kids’ content in India. The channel generally streams general entertainment content via their animation channel on YouTube, like moral stories, stories for kids, etc. The channel also has fairy tales as well.  KooKooTV has more than six million subscribers on YouTube and the Horror Adventures channel, that streams Kissey Khauff Ke Channel seems promising enough to grow by leaps and bounds.


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