Lisa Henson Has Rejected a Labyrinth Reboot

Jim Henson is a respected name in the world of horror. He, the puppet master behind series like The Dark Crystal and the musical fantasy Labyrinth has succeeded in ‘laugh-scare’ a generation of film fans. Labyrinth has a chequered history. It was Henson’s last directorial and opened to mixed response. Since then, the film has gained a cult following on the DVD circuit. A while ago, creators Will Matthews and Jeffrey Addis met Lisa Henson, Jim’s daughter and pitched the idea of a sequel to Labyrinth, but she refused. In Labyrinth, David Bowie plays the Goblin King, one of his most noticeable roles. In the film, a young girl ragefully wishes that her younger brother is taken away by Goblins.  The original film released in 1986. It starred Jennifer Connelly among others. The film isn’t a typical Hollywood horror film, but is one of the most influential fantasy films.

The story’s one for the generations and a unique one as well, very unique to a typical Hollywood horror film. We don’t get many stories that talk about sisters saving brothers. While Hollywood still has such concepts, it’d be a very fresh one for the Indian audiences. But we are sure Lisa had her reasons ton reject a Labyrinth reboot. However, there are rumors that a sequel is in the works. Nicole Perlman, attached to the project, has said that the film is more of a spin-off than a sequel. That means we will be seeing more characters and more story arcs from the Labyrinth world.  Maybe that’s the reason Lisa had to weigh in on the decision.

Sadly, Indian film makers have yet to make a good fantasy film that will stand toe to toe with their international counterparts. In fact, Indian television content creators have been good at creating fantasy. For example, Balveer, a series that ran in 2016 is returning to TV as Balveer Returns.

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