Laxxmi Bomb Digital Rights Sell for Three Figure Crore Deal?

Laxxmi Bomb Bollywood Horror Movie

Laxxmi Bomb Digital Rights have been sold for 125 crores, according to the latest sources. I put this up right up in the article because some websites claiming this is an exclusive story are giving out the number in the third or fourth paragraph. Because I believe in putting up the facts right out, I put it up starkly there.  Yes, I wanted you to come here and therefore I didn’t put the figure up in the title. That’s because its a growing website about Bollywood horror movies and I need traffic.

With that out of the way, if true, its time to celebrate the amount for which the Bollywood horror movie has sold. According to this report in Pinkvilla, normally, the digital rights of a movie sell for 60 to 70 crore – that’s still a ten fold profit for one of those ‘indie’ Bollywood movies.

Laxxmi Bomb has been in the news since a while now. The movie was first set to hit theaters in June, but all of that went for a toss with the lockdown. According to the same Pinkvilla report, there’s still some post production work remaining on the movie and that should take about two to three weeks.

The online platforms are clearly making merry with no opening of theaters in sight. Ther’e’s every reason for them to open up their coffers and invite people up with exclusive content like Laxxmi Bomb. This month, Amazon Prime has launched several of movies. Vodafone Play went ahead and premiered the Bollywood horror movie starring Arbaaz Khan, Main Zaroor Aaunga. Netflix launched their India-based horror-miniseries, Betaal as well. I think by the time the lockdown ends, we will seee more Bollywood horror movies hitting the streaming platforms.

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