Luka Magnotta: Serial Killer Become Netflix Famous

Luka Magnotta is a name that struck fear and created an online storm back in the day. It’s weird that very few people know him. There could be some reasons. He doesn’t have a body count like Ted Bundy or even Sam Berkowitz. But that doesn’t mean his story isn’t as creepy and as interesting as theirs.

Netflix has a penchant to tell true-life stories, now gives his story space with the controversially named Don’t F**K With Cats; Hunting an Internet Killer. The three-part documentary tells about how a group of Social Media users was instrumental in compiling data that finally nailed Luka Magnotta, the now-convicted serial killer. It started when someone uploaded three consecutive videos showing the death of cats and a human being.

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The story is weird, it is creepy, it is infuriating and remains with you long after the series is over. Netflix goes with a laser focus on the Internet people who nailed the killer and the investigating officers. What Netflix does leave out, however, is why Luka did what he did. All that’s on offer is the typical arm-chair psychologist humdrum.

There’s never a deep dive, inside look into the life and times of Luka Magnotta. This absence makes the story that his mother believes – that of a client controlling the once escort’s life – all the more ridiculous and therefore, unbelievable.

Whatever the mini-series throws about Lukka is negative. The series is bent on creating a monster-among-men for the viewers. The only information we know about Lukka is what he didn’t do. He failed the audition for a reality show, he didn’t do well in the modeling business. He then became an escort – so on and so forth.

Even the staple information about a serial killer having a difficult childhood somehow doesn’t make it into the documentary. That information is available on the Internet. So, it’s weird why the Producers left that out.

Luka Magnotta is alive, and he is in prison. There’s no information about whether Netflix or the Producers even tried to get his side of the story via a prison interview. So, the entire thing looks pretty one-sided.

The series raises a disturbing question about the entire Luka thing. Time and again, the series says that Luka was a template for someone looking for infamy. He even cut up the body and sent it to politicians. Did the internet infamy somehow fuel his need to go higher and higher, until he killed a man?

We’ll never know.

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