M Night Shyalanan’s Servant Hits Apple+on November 28

There’s another subscription to pay – Apple+. But at least its cheaper this time around. And coming to Apple+ is M Night Shyamalan’s horror web series The Servant. Shyamalan is at the top of his game as director. Unfortunately, the series’ concept is woefully similar to the horror film, The Boy. There’s a lot of words I like in the synopsis, unspeakable horror, evil force, enters home forcefully. But I cannot unwrap my mind that The Boy (2016) has a strikingly similar concept. The series comprises of ten episodes.  The first episode will stream on November 28th and the last will stream on January 16, 2020.  This also means that Apple+ is not following the Netflix concept of binge-watching and will launch this series episode wise.

Watch The Servant trailer here:

In both cases, a family loses a child and replaces it with a lifelike machine. They hire a nanny to look after the machine/person. The problems start after that. Here’s the Wikipedia synopsis of The Boy:

Greta Evans, a young American from Montana, is hired as a nanny by the Heelshires. Upon arriving in their small town in the United Kingdom, the elderly couple show Greta her charge: a porcelain doll named Brahms that they treat like their son. They then close the doors behind them so that they can ask Brahms if he wants Greta as his babysitter.

Now, this isn’t rocket science. I haven’t taken this out of some obscure corner. So I am sure Shyamalan and the suits over at Netflix have had a ‘same but different’ discussion. Let’s hope that’s what happened.

The horror web series stars:

  • Toby Kebbell as Sean Turner
  • Lauren Ambrose as Dorothy Turner
  • Nell Tiger Free as Leanne Grayson
  • Rupert Grint as Julian Pearce

This series is also the introduction of two important names in the horror genre. Nell Tiger Free was in Game of Thrones and well, Rupert Grint is Rupert Grint

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