Major Channel Bringing Real Life India Ghost Stories To Screen?

Bollywood horror movies sometimes take inspiration from real-life instances. Earlier, the actual stories of these allegedly supernatural stories were only word-of-mouth and related as a silly fantasy. But a growing brood of paranormal investigators and authors are now teaming up to bring these stories to audiences.

This has been a rumor for quite some time now. A major channel that’s famous for their documentaries on mythology and real places is in talks with the authors of a book about real-life haunted places. Reports suggest that the deal is struck and only the documentation is now pending. The channel has an online streaming platform as well, so cord-cutters will be able to watch the content, whenever it comes out.

India is home to several allegedly haunted places. Several paranormal investigators have either written books or have YouTube channels dedicated to these places. In Mumbai itself, we have at least five to ten places where spirits allegedly reside and show themselves only to a unique few.

Most Bollywood horror movies take their inspiration from such incidents. The most popular in India is the Bhangarh fort, and at least one movie that released mainstream tackled this subject.

Watch Bollywood horror movie Trip to Bhangarh Trailer:

There’s a growing number of paranormal researchers in India. An equally growing number of authors are willing to pen down the paranormal researcher’s experiences. Keep reading Indian Horror Club for more information like this.

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