Man Kills Nine People to Hide Lover’s Murder in Telangana

Photo by kat wilcox from Pexels
Photo by kat wilcox from Pexels

This is bizarre, but then bizarre is what this website is all about. According to a report in Tribune India, a man in Telengana killed nine people, including six of a family. The modus operandi was simple, sedating them and then throwing their bodies in the well.

And it all started as a harmless love story. The accused, Yadav, fell in love with Rafiqua, who lived with her family in the same village. They were employed in the gunny bag making unit in the village.  Rafiqua had separated from her husband and was living with her three children.

According to the report, Yadav had tried to sexually molest Rafiqua’s daughter. Yadav decided to murder Rafiqua and took her away on a fatal train journey. When he returned without Rafiqua, Rafiqua’s family asked about her and threatened to go to the police. That’s when Yadav concocted a plan of killing all the family members.

The article gives out further details about the murders and reveals that the police cracked the case because of a single CCTV footage of the accused returning home in the early morning, after leaving his home late in the night.

This is, by far, the most astonishing crime, because of the reason and because of the number of people involved. Here’s a man who kills off an entire family because he wanted to cover his initial crime, that of trying to sexually molest a young girl.

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