Mark Hamill Joins Netflix’s Masters of the Universe

Mark Hamill, the guy who was once the original Jedi in Star Wars has had a great voice career. He’s made a lifetime out of voicing Joker in the DC Animated Universe.  Next, he’s also voiced Chucky in Child’s Play. Now, he is roped in to voice Skeletor in the Netflix Original Anime series Masters of the Universe.

The complete voice cast has some very interesting names. After Mark Hamill at the top, there’s Lena Headly, from Games of Thrones and 300. She’ll be voicing Evil-Lyn. Sarah Michelle Geller voices Teela. She needs no introduction.

Susan Eisenberg records for Sorceress. Kevin Conroy, who gave his own version of The Joker a while ago, will voice for Mer-Man. Along then comes Chris Wood, who voices He-Man. We’ve earlier heard He-Man in Supergirl and The Vampire Diaries.

Watch the 1987 Masters of the Universe Trailer here:

The Netflix cup is running over, like every year since the streaming platform became big. Netflix recently launched the teaser trailer for Stranger Things Season 4. It looks like the series will be as mind-blowing as the previous three seasons were.

Strangely, this He-Man project is full steam ahead and is looking very, very good. There’s the MOTU movie that’s in limbo for a long time now. Only recently did someone give an off-the-cuff remark that they are beginning their shoot for the MOTU movie. The series essentially died after the 1987 movie.  In the nineties, until the early 2000s, there was this talk about a reboot of the MOTU as a live-action movie, but none of that happened.

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