Mask 3 in the Making? Rumors Swirling Say So

Mask 3 could be in the works. Who wouldn’t want another Mask movie? I lovingly and adoringly watched it a while ago on one of the streaming networks.   My nineties heart jumped with joy when I read on the internet that there could be another Mask movie soon. The rumors went a step further though. All the other retro movie franchises are calling back the original cast.  This one could also feature Jim Carrey in the leading role. After all, do you know anyone else who can hold a candle to ole Jimmy when it comes to playing Stanely Ip-kiss?

The Mask franchise is rock-solid in 2019, but it has had some missteps that lead it to what it is today.  The original supernatural movie hit theaters in 1992. There was a Mask 2 in 2005, titled Son of Mask. Critics, as well as the audience, drubbed it. The storyline of that supernatural movie was so warped that one can’t even read it in a single sitting without screwing up their eyes.  There’s an animation series as well, which used Rob Paulson’s voice for the main character. That animation series ran from 1995 to 1997.

The Mask is an important movie for anyone studying the evolution of the Indian audience. The movie hit theaters in the nineties, when audiences loved experimenting and there was spending money all around. The nineties also saw the TV boom, which worked wonders for the animation series. The Mask is one of the many franchises that the older Indian audience will connect with immediately. Now let’s just hope the makers of Mask 3 don’t get ahead of themselves, and we’ll have another great franchise to look at for the next decade.

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