Mike Flanagan announces The Haunting of Bly Manor Cast

The Haunting at Bly Manor

In 2018, The Haunting of Hill House wowed everyone. The Netflix Original was equal parts eerie and entertaining. Director Mike Flanagan has announced a webseries The Haunting of Bly Manon, a sequel to the Netflix Original. This time, he won’t be directing solo. Joining him in the directorial are Yolanda Ramke & Ben Howling, Ciarán Foy, Liam Gavin, and Axelle Carolyn. Flanagan announced all of them will be directing episodes in the sequel to the Netflix Original Series.

webseries The Haunting of Bly Manor

Mike Flanagan is quite active on Twitter, so we know that the webseries The Haunting of Bly Manor is already in production. In fact, the second day of production was 2nd October. The official Twitter account tells us that the series will have an out sometime in 2020. Knowing Netflix, they might be looking for a March or an October 2020 release. Other news that’s trickling in is that Rahul Kohli has joined the crew of The Haunting of Bly Manor, and his character’s name is Owen. Other members of the cast include Catherine Parker, who Flanagan says he worked with about a decade ago and then in the previous season of The Haunting as well.

This makes The Haunting the next big franchise in the making. Netflix already has several horror and psychological thriller franchises in the works. Recently, Netflix announced a season four of their biggest series as yet, Stranger Things. Along with that, the Big N is always working on sequels to series like Mindhunter and several more. Seems Netflix is bent on providing wholesome entertainment to everyone, including horror fans.

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