Minsara Kanna Comparison to Parasite Is LOL

Parasite is currently the most important horror movie. Bong Joon-Ho, meanwhile, has captured an entire generation’s attention with the movie. With all this attention, comes some negative attention as well. What started as a cute story regarding Parasite is now threatening to become a lawsuit. A few days earlier, Twitterati claimed Parasite’s concept was similar to a 1999 Tamil language movie, Minsara Kanna, starring Vijay, Monica Castelino and others.

Here’s the Minsara Kanna story:

A multimillionaire Kannan (Vijay) falls in love with Ishwarya (Castelino) the sister of another rich entrepreneur, Indra Devi (Khushboo).  For some reason, his brother and sister work in the same household as a cook and a servant.

That’s it. If there’s ever a court case that says Parasite plagiarized from Minsara, this will be the only sentence they’ll be able to use – three members of family work as house helps, under disguise for a rich family.

Watch Minsara Kanna Movie Free on YouTube:

There are so many differences between Parasite and Minsara that the mind boggles, how can the producer even think that there’s a case? Case in point. In the Tamil movie, there’s the staple story arc of separated lovers, a female entrepreneur, so on and so forth. Nothing like this exists in Parasite.

Also, in Minsara, the protagonists are actually rich people working under disguise. In Parasite, these are piss-poor people trying to take over the lives of the rich people. That’s an inherent, ‘logline’ level difference that no attorney will forget to mark out during litigation.  In Minsara, there’s a whole different story arc of a disfigured elder sister resorting to plastic surgery to get her looks back There’s actually the misogynist aspect of her lover rejecting her because of her looks. Before the Producer plans to litigate, there should be a discussion about how this part made it to the script.

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