Morbius Trailer Tells Us Not To Meddle With Nature

Sony has unleashed the Morbius trailer on us. Fans are reacting like crazy to the movie that’s the first cinematic outing of the superhero with a more colorful name than the movie itself, Morbius, the Living Vampire. For the uninitiated, here’s his story:

Doctor Michael Morbius has a rare disorder. To treat the same, he indulges in strange biochemistry, which makes him a vampire – highly strong and with a taste for blood. Jared Leto plays the titular character n the live-action Sony/Marvel collaboration.

The trailer shows some horror/supernatural hangover for Sony and Marvel. After all, Marvel’s upcoming The New Mutants is a legit horror/supernatural movie. Is the House of M coming closer to making an out and out horror movie or starting a new horror-based original comic book?

Watch Morbius trailer here:

The trailer looks interesting and as usual, there’s an Easter Egg in the trailer. Somewhere near the end of the trailer, Michael Keaton comes in to greet Jared Leto’s Morbius. No news on whether Keaton plays the Vulture – which he did in Spiderman (Homecoming) or plays some other character. Few actors have played different characters in the Marvel Universe. But in here, Keaton doesn’t have any distinctive non-similarities to his character from Spiderman: Homecoming.

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