Murder on the Road To Kathmandu Goes to VIFF, 2019

Murder on the Road to Kathmandu is one of the few upcoming murder mystery movies. The mystery movie stars Atul Kulkarni, Taranjit Kaur, Sharmilee Velaskar Kadne, Rupesh Tilly, Happy Ranjit, Priyanka Charan, Arunava Middya, Nirmohi Mali and others.

The trailer for the mystery movie has been out for a while now.  It promises a movie brimming with murder,  political intrigue, and small-town mentalities. Watch the Murder on the Road to Kathmandu Trailer here:

It’s interesting to see that an indie movie-maker, Rupalee Verma decided to make a murder mystery movie. Traditionally, movie-makers on a budget don’t look at murder mysteries as good concepts because they rarely make money at the box office. One of the few murder mystery movies that worked at the box office was Gupt, back in the nineties. That movie worked because of various different factors and none of them were related to the genre. That movie worked because of Bobby’s charm and the fact that the audiences were quite taken aback by the idea of a woman murderer – that iconic character that Kajol played.

That’s not to say that moviemakers are not looking at this genre with a renewed interest, now that we are moving into the next decade. The Rishi Kapoor and Emraan Hashmi starrer, The Body, is another psychological thriller with murder mystery elements. These are the two murder mystery movies we know are releasing. There could be a few more this year.

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