Netflix Brings Class Warfare to the Fore with The Platform

Netflix is doing some great stuff for the horror genre. It’s bringing in new content in the horror genre on an almost monthly basis. What it’s also doing is introducing audiences to non-English horror content and looks like audiences are lapping it up. The Big N released the trailer for their upcoming horror movie, The Platform. The concept, like everything else about Netflix, is complex, intriguing and grips the audience.

Watch Netflix Horror Series The Platform trailer

The Platform tells us about a vertical prison system. In this system, the prisoners eat only leftover food from the people on the upper ground. The concept is simple. The people who stay in the lower rung in the prison system will survive longer only if people on the higher ground eat sensibly. Of course, that’s not happening, and that’s the premise of the Netflix horror movie.

Yes, there’s glaring class warfare and class difference in the movie, and its good that more creators are looking at bringing all that to the screen. In my opinion, after the Me Too movement, the class distinction is a concept that’s capturing the minds of new content creators and inspiring them to bring out these stories to audiences.

Galder Gazteu-Urrutia directs this script, and David Desola and Pedro Rivero write it. The Platform stars Ivan Massague, Antonia San Juan, Zorion Eguileor, Emilio Buale Coka, Alexandra Masangkay and others.

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