Netflix Series Mindhunter on Hold

Remember the kind of high the ending of Mindhunter 1 and Mindhunter 2 left us with? Well, the high of Mindhunter 2 might have to last a bit more for us.  The series has been postponed a bit. David Fincher, that beautiful, beautiful mind had decided to give us a Mindhunter 3 only after he wraps up Mank.  That’s a Netflix biography that he’s working on. It stars Gary Oldman and Amanda Seyfried.

Watch the Mindhunter 2 Season here:

Netflix series Mindhunter was about how the FBI started using psychology to study criminals to prevent further crimes. It is one of the most popular Netflix series. The Netflix series is a good mix of good old crime-fighting and some drama. What really gave me the chills were the scenes depicting the has most well known and notorious serial killers. Yes, the Manson scene was for the cheap seats.  The earlier scenes showing David Berkowitz, Ed Kemper and others really got me thinking. How is the experience of meeting serial killers – knowing that they are serial killers?

Netflix series Mindhunter is an excellent example of film making based on real events. The series has some great performances. It is one of the few series that doesn’t make you skip through the emotional scenes and wait for the crime-fighting ones. The series stars Jonathan Groff, Holt McCallany, Anna Torv and others.

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