Stranger Things Could Be About Secret Cults

Stranger Things is no longer a web series, it is a phenomenon. At any given time, the Netflix series Stranger Things will make the top five web series to be ever made. That’s because the Duffer Brothers are masters of their craft. As everyone waits for the fourth season,  The Brothers went ahead and introduced the title of the first episode. The first episode is titled Hellfire Club. Now, this can be two things. The Hellfire Club is an important story arc in the X Men series. The Hellfire Club is also something of a conspiracy theory. Research says that the history of the Hellfire Club dates back to the 1700s and was a secret society. While the Wikipedia page makes it all sound like cool people doing cool things, we all know what color conspiracy theories take.

Another important Hellfire Club exists in the X Men universe. The aforementioned Hellfire Club inspired the X Men Hellfire Club. So you had story arcs about rich people trying to change the history of the world. Either way, I am pretty excited. Whether the Netflix series has the characters take a liking to the campy action heroes from the eighties and nineties, or tries to break some conspiracy theory, I am all in with this franchise.

The Netflix series Stranger Things is a true, organic masterpiece and a cultural yardstick. The series changed the way Indian audiences looked at web series. After Daredevil, this was the web series that made Netflix a household name that it is. The fourth season of this Netflix series has a lot to answer. Fans are waiting with bated breath to find out about Hopper. There’s also this small question about that girl who disappeared in the very first season of Stranger Things. Wonder if she’ll be back?

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