Witcher Has More Horror Than Fantasy, reveals CGI Supervisor

The Netflix series Witcher is one of the most exciting and retro gaming franchise. Somewhere down the line, Netflix scooped it up and we have a Netflix series titled The Witcher now. The game was about a man, played by Henry Cavill, who captures fantastic beasts in a medieval world. That premise is perfect for a horror film. The visual effects director, Julian Parry of the series confirmed that the show creators have gone the horror way.

In an interview with Games Radar, he said that the Netflix series is more horror than fantasy. He went on to say that the series takes the fantasy out. People who remember the longish intro video of the original game will be looking back at the video with a nostalgic look. The director went on to reveal that Striga will be a character in the series as well.

Watch The Witcher trailer here:

In the Netflix series trailer, Henry has undergone some major changes to become the character, and I am not even looking at the blonde mane that he now sports. His look is very close to the look of the original character and Netflix deserves kudos for bringing another fantastic storyline to life. The Netflix series launches December 20.

He also spoke about the sequels to the Netflix series. Netflix is famous for making sequels of their concepts.  He revealed that there are no plans for a sequel as yet. But he stressed on the idea of having good stories to tell the audience.  The first season will tell us whether there are many stories to tell. It’s not just Bollywood that’s going the horror way. The latest X Men film, The New Mutants is billed as a horror film. That film releases in 2020.

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