Netflix Snags Dracula Series

Netflix is quick to pounce on something that they know will work well. A few weeks ago, I reported about the BBC series, Dracula.  The series premieres on BBC One. It will be available on the US Netflix later on. No word, as yet whether the show will be available in India. BBC One is going with a staggered release, with the first Dracula episode hitting on January 1 and then two others on January 2 and January 3.

Watch Dracula Teaser here:

Claes Bang stars as the brand new Dracula and the trailer promises a bloody, classic vibes Dracula. Dracula has inspired several movies, books, comics, video games and even got into the comedy zone. The most memorable Dracula is the 90s horror movie, Bram Stoker’s Dracula. That film starred Gary Oldman as the bloodthirsty vampire, along with Keanu Reeves,  Winona Ryder, Anthony Hopkins and others.

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