Neve Campbell or Courtney Cox: Who’s Final Girl in Scream 5?

Neve Campbell and Courtney Cox are returning for Scream 5. With new details about the Hollywood slasher released, we wonder who'll be final girl.

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Neve Campbell and Courtney Cox have both give their nod to return to the Scream franchise. Scream 5 is now a highly anticipated Hollywood horror movie. Now, we have some rumors swirling about what the movie will be. Take all of this with a pinch of salt, because you know how Internet rumors can be. But the original article is at WGTC, so believable.

The plot details themselves aren’t very off. In Scream 5, an unknown woman is going to return to her town – the town of Ghostface – and will have to find the culprit behind another wave of murders. Why does the woman need to do this? Is she a police officer, or is she someone who’s the target? Or, is she someone whos’ just a caring neighbor who loses someone precious. There’s no information about that.

Given that both Neve Campbell and Courtney Cox are both returning, the verdict isn’t out on who is the female character who’ll investigate the deaths. My money is on Courtney Cox’s character, Gale Riley, who is an journalist anyway.

It will be interesting to see whether Scream 5 will be able to capture the essence for a new generation. The nineties threw up at least five Hollywood horror franchises, and Scream was the first to get an update as a Netflix Horror Series.  The new avatars of the nineties franchises have had mostly positive results. Only Fantasy Island turned out to be a dud. But the interesting Invisible Man reboot worked at the box office.  There are some others on the way, like Anaconda, a successful Hollywood horror movie in India.

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