Nicholas Cage Stars In a Film Based On Lovecraft’s Short

If there’s one person who’s works have set benchmarks for horror and science fiction, it’s H P Lovecraft. The Victorian writer set a template that modern writers follow. One of his most famous short stories, The Colour out of Space, will hit theaters in the form of a Hollywood Horror film. Nicholas Cage stars in this film, the fourth adaptation of the short story. The story is set in Arkham (yes, really).  In the film, an unnamed narrator tells the story of people and plants in the city that either die or turn into something grotesque. Richard Stanley directs. Along with Nicholas, the film also stars Joely Richardson, Madeleine Arthur, Q’orianka Kilcher and Tommy Chong.

Lovecraft’s story is open season for stunning CGI and great art direction,  the recipe for a perfect Hollywood Horror film. IMDB tells us that Rita Anjos is looking into prosthetic make-up. She has earlier done prosthetics for series like Game of Thrones, Dr. Who and the upcoming The Witcher. Then again, at least 20 people are working on the visual effects that will be in the film.  Four directors have adapted the story into films. In 1965, Daniel Haller adapted it as Die, Monster, Die! In 1987, David Keith directed The Curse, another film adaptation. In 2008, Ivan Zuccon directed Colour from the Dark. There’s no release date attached to the film as yet. But as things go, there’s every chance that it will hit theaters either this October or the next.


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