Nicholas Cage Slays Evil In Wally’s Wonderland

Nicholas Cage is coming to us with Wally's Wonderland, a juicy horror movie that has him beat up evil in a fun house.

Nicholas Cage is an industry unto himself. Indian fans will definitely remember him for his action-packed movies like Con Air and Face/Off. Since then, Nick has captured the headlines with information about him being a probable Super-Man. Pictures of that audition crop up on the Internet now and then.  He also has the National Treasure franchise under his belt. 

But he hasn’t acted in an out and out horror movie, but the 2020 release, Wally’s Wonderland will change that. Nick plays a janitor who battles the supernatural elements who have taken over the props in the funhouse. 

Wally’s Wonderland doesn’t have a release date as yet, but the Wikipedia page says that the movie has wrapped shooting. I don’t know if the production house is doing the Work from Home thing, so no reports on the release date.

Along with Nicholas, the movie also stars Emily Tosta, Caylee Cowan, Beth Grant, Grant Cramer, Ric Reltz, Chris Warner and others. 

Nicholas Cage starter Wally’s Wonderland could be some epic B movie stuff that Hollywood has been missing for a long time. We are already getting information that the enemies that Nick will slay in this horror movie are animatronics – that means there’s no chance of gloopy CGI that’ll put off older audiences and critics. 

B Movies have an endearing quality if done right. Bollywood had an entire b-movie industry that did only horror, from the eighties to the nineties. These movies, like Shaitaani Ilaaka have a mass following even today. 

Kevin Lewis, who has a formidable IMDb page that goes back to 1996 has directed this Hollywood horror movie. 


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