Paranormal Activity Update: Blum Confirms New Movie

Paranormal Activity is the franchise that basically unleashed Blumhouse onto the unsuspecting horror fans. The franchise has had a pretty good run at the box office.  The collections of the recent movies haven’t been too good, though. However, Blumhouse is back in the works with one more Paranormal Activity movie.

Blum revealed this during The Evolution of Horror Podcast. He said that Chris Landon will be creating the latest movie. I had earlier reported a rumor that there’s a new Paranormal Activity movie, and I guess this is the one movie that rumors were strong about. Even back then, we didn’t know whether the new movie would be a reboot or just an addition to the number of sequels that the franchise has.

Watch Paranormal Activity 3 Trailer

The franchise is the stick that production houses beat new horror creators when they talk about budgets. The first movie was a surprise hit and made gazillion more dollars than the actual production cost. This actually gave a boost to the horror scene back in the early 2000s, and revived an interest in horror for producers. Until now, the franchise has five sequels and one original release. The seventh horror movie might now release in 2021.

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