Paranormal Investigator Jay Alani Launches Dark Destinations

Paranormal Investigator Jai Alani

Paranormal Investigator Jay Alani is a name to reckon with in India. He brings a  web series that introduces audiences to real life horror incidents. According to the introduction link, the first episode, Lambi Dehar Mines is about a series of mines in Uttarakhand, India. The mines have seen more than 50000 laborer deaths. The first two episodes are out now.

The template of the episode is simple. Jay and is crew meet people who know about the horror incident and then spend a night in the place that’s supposedly haunted. The second episode talks about Kuldhara, another famous allegedly haunted place in India. According to legend, the Kuldhara Village is a jinxed one and no human has been able to set up a residence. Many a paranormal investigator have spoken and written about this.

Real life horror incidents play a major role in creating horror fiction. Horror incidents from small town villages have have inspired several Bollywood horror films. The producers, though, don’t really reveal their inspiration sources.  In the West, its par for the course to reveal the true inspiration behind the horror films. For example the entire Conjuring franchise bases itself on the real life experiences of a popular paranormal investigator.

Meanwhile, Alani is going from strength to strength. He will soon be speaking at the Pune International Literary Festival. The Festival is the brainchild of Vishwakarma Publications and MIT World Peace University.

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