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Parasite, the Bong Joon-ho directorial is making waves in India and all around the world. The thriller-comedy garnered a clump of Oscar nominations. This week, Parasite makes it’s India run. It had an intriguing trailer, and with such plaudits already in the trailer, it became a must-watch for me. Then again, there were talks that this is a deep dive into human psychological behavior. So I strapped myself in to watch this movie.

Sidenote: PVR Cinemas have placed at least two rows of their theater halls with a special kind of seats. These seats give are mini fun rides.  They move to the sounds of cars and stuff on the screen. This should be a great experience when you are watching an action movie like Bad Boys or the upcoming Fast and The Furious 9.  Now, back to the movie review:

Parasite Story Line:

A very poor family, The Kims that lives in the slums is trying to eke out a living. The family comprises of the father, mother, and their son and daughter.  Kim Ki-taek is the father, Kim Ki-woo is the son, Kim Ki-jeong is the daughter, Chung-sook is the mother.  Woo has a friend, who tutors the daughter of a wealthy family, the Parks.

As the friend is planning to fly out for further studies, he offers the tutoring job to Woo. Woo accepts, and soon finds out that the rich family is gullible.  Te begins a manipulation that has the Park family sack all their house help, only for the Kim family to take over.

As time progresses, the Kim family plans to marry off Woo to the Parks’ daughter, but there’s something that the Kim family have forgotten – deeds have payback.

Parasite Movie Review:

The Oscars gave a nomination nod for several aspects of the Korean thriller movie, including Best Film, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay and Best Film Not in the English Language. And it’s all good. Parasite has a riveting, change by the minute screenplay that’s equal parts humorous and earthy. To put in a nutshell, Parasite has a soul that’s been sorely missing in so many thriller and horror movies that had potential but failed at the box office.

Watch Parasite Review:

Director Bong Joon-ho succeeds in quickly creating a world of difference between the Parks family and the Kim family. It’s not just the color correction – something we see so commonly in Bollywood. Joon-ho goes into the basic DNA of the scene to ensure that the audience not just sees the difference, but feels the difference.

There’s no question about the performances, everyone comes out aces. The entire cast brings out everything that the director wanted to. Its evident that the director has gone into all the nooks and crannies to create the class difference. The housekeeper who’s all prim and propah when she’s working returns as a mess of straggled hair after she’s sacked. The mother in the Kim family is a hair-straggling mess when she’s unemployed – and a picture of being presentable when she’s hired, so on and so forth.

In 2020, Parasite is a surreal story for everyone. What begins as a crime caper destined to go wrong goes into the pitch dark territory of people committing crimes to cover crimes and of course, unsolved, weird crimes that make the news cycle and then disappear. Few Hollywood and Bollywood movies go to such extremes with such a confident swag. The only Bollywood movie that comes to mind watching this one is Hindi Medium.

In a Nutshell:

Crime and caper movies rarely have a fitting ending. That’s mainly because the director and the screenwriter shies away from awarding redemption. Parasite isn’t that kind of movie. The movie firmly understands what went wrong and goes for a course correction by the end. Like most Asian movies, Parasite has a strong father-son bonding, something that both Hollywood and Bollywood don’t explore much. Must Watch

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