Parasite Wins Best Foreign Language Film at NYFF


Parasite has taken the horror movies market by surprise. Several media outlets are hailing it as the best horror movie ever made. While that could be hyperbole, the movie has won the award for the Best Foreign Language Movie at the New York Film Festival, giving it credibility like never before.

It’s heartening to see that horror movies are now coming to the mantle and taking a piece of the pie. Earlier, horror and superhero movies weren’t even on the radar of the organizations that organized these awards.

Watch Parasite horror movie trailer here:

The horror movie is a black comedy thriller and has enough horror aspects to make it this website’s favorite. It’s about a poor family that comes in contact with a richer one and scheming to become relatives of the rich family, for obvious reasons.

Horror movie Parasite has been successful and won critical acclaim as well. It grossed more than $100 million dollars on a budget of $11 million. So, we can be sure that it will have at least a couple of sequels, if not, a spin-off.

Time Magazine chose it as one of the top films of 2019. It is currently the nineteenth highest-grossing movie in South Korean history.  The movie, along with the horror movie Train to Busan is fast becoming one of the most recognized films from the Asian continent.

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