Patrick Wilson confirms The Conjuring 3 has beasts

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Horror film The Conjuring 3 hits theaters on September 11 next year and there’s a lot of buzz about the film. As usual, the story is mostly under wraps and only bits and pieces are coming out. But today, in an interview, Patrick Wilson let the cat out of the bag and revealed that the film will have a beast in some kind of a manner. The rumor earlier was that the film would be about a werewolf or some other mythical beast.

Director James Wan had earlier in an interview said that he wants to make something like American Werewolf in London or even the Hound of Baskerville. with this horror film. There’s also a buzz that the film will be about a man who denies a murder charge and says that an evil power made him do it. Wan has said that the film is inspired by a real-life instance.

I really like that concept, because psychological horror is my thing now. I loved the Mindhunter series and it tells us at least one serial killer who really said that he carried out the killings becausee a dog told him to do that.

We also know that the horror film will feature the younger version of the Lorraines. The makers have announced that talented actors Megan Ashley Brown and Mitchell Hoog will be playing the younger versions of Loraine and Ed Warrens.  So, the film will have a longer timeline than all the other films. I trust Wan to play his magic this time around too. After all, the Conjuringverse has the most number of spin-off and sequels for a horror film franchise today.

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