Purani Kothi Review: Hiten Tejwani Is A Class Act

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Purani Kothi is a thriller short movie that’s just found its way to Miraj Miracle’s YouTube channel. Hiten Tejwani is famous for his Balaji roles, but he has diversified into more serious roles as the years progresses.  Along with Hiten, the thriller short movie stars Praveena Deshpande. Here’s our complete review:

Purani Kothi Plot:

Hiten Tejwani plays Sandeep Sethi,  young engineer who’s looking for a new house. He decides to buy a kothi (bungalow), but the estate agent tells him that the bungalow he’s liked is very expensive. He decides to meet the owner of the house, Mrs. Gauri Rajvansh (Praveena Deshpande)  to check if he can decrease the price. As the movie progresses, Sandeep is caught in a weird instance that has something to do with his past.

Watch the Thriller Short Movie here:

Purani Kothi Review:

Purani Kothi has it all that caters to the streaming audience today. Both Hiten and Praveena Deshpande give a commendable performance.  The director Iqbaal Rizvi succeeds in creating an ambiance of the classic horror movies within a limited screen time, and that’s commendable.

The thriller short movie creates memorable characters as well. That’s only because Praveena, Hiten and Iqbaal take the concept seriously and do their jobs well. It’s good to see a revival of horror and thriller content in the short movie category. Since the past year, short movies became more or less a vanity project for older content creators and channels to promote superstars.  With Purani Kothi, short movies are right back to its roots –  stunning concepts with sharp executions.

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