Quarantine Girl is Exactly What You Think It Is

Quarantine Girl

Quarantine Girl is the US version of what happens to a woman who’s in isolation during the quarantine. This indie movie has a trailer out and I must say that it looks deliciously indie and very interesting. Nicole D’Angelo and Gregory Hatanka directs this psychological thriller starring Nicole D’Angelo, Shane Ryan, Lisa London, Craijece Danielle, Chris Spinelli, David Marc and others. We should expect the movie to hit theaters by the end of this month.  Cinema Epoch is distributing this movie. The movie looks rather fun and delightfully indie. Its an indie movie, so don’t expect it to reach Indian theaters any time soon. But we do have the Ram Gopal Varma movie, Coronavirus, which is about a family that’s in quarantine during the lockdown.

Watch Quarantine Girl Trailer:

Everyone is sure that every film maker will have stories set in the Quarantine period. The one disappointment in these times are the indie short film makers from India. Looking at the burgeoning numbers of short films launching every week, I thought we’d have at least a dozen of short films set in the quarantine period from India, but we had only one – and I have no idea whether it launched on the day it was supposed to anyway.

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