Radhika Apte Starrer Ghoul In Bloody Disgusting’s List

The Radhika Apte starrer Ghoul, when it landed on Netflix last year, became a benchmark for Bollywood horror series. Netflix must now be looking at 2019 with nostalgia. That was the year when Netflix brought out series like Sacred Games, Ghoul and well, continued with Stranger Things. Ghoul was ahead of its time and was possibly the first web series to talk about an apocalyptic India and minority oppression and supernatural horror, all in four quick episodes. 

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Radhika Apte starred as a low-level security guard who has to battle not just zombies and an outbreak but also religious persecution. The brilliant web series, the brainchild of Patrick Graham is something so eerily close to today, it becomes a must-watch. And it’s not just me who’s saying this, even Blood Disgusting agrees. Ghoul becomes the only Indian web series to feature in a list of binge-watch on the website. The list contains classics like Supernatural and bizarre ones like Marianne. 

Its not like they made a list of only one or two streaming channels. No, the writers over at Bloody Disgusting took a lot of time out and have created a list comprising of all the stuff available on Prime, Netflix, Hulu, Shudder, Tubi, the works.  The Bollywood horror web series has a cult following among Bollywood horror fans. Critics consider it to be one of the finest web series to land on Netflix, horror or otherwise. Since its a Netflix Original, it will always be available on the streaming channel, but I suggest you catch it right now. 

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