Rakhi Sawant Claims Sushant Singh Rajput Will Reincarnate As Her Child

Rakhi Sawant
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Rakhi Sawant sure knows how to capture the limelight – even if for more than the mandatory fifteen seconds. And she’s done that in a unique way now. She claims that the deceased Sushant Singh Rajput appeared in her dreams and told her he will return as her son.  I know, even you want proof. And here’s Rakhi Sawant’s startling comment:

It’s pretty insane for Rakhi Sawant to make such a comment. I am sure many will brand it insensitive. With the amount of litigation going around about the sudden demise, Rakhi might have bitten more than she can chew this time around. It also paints the entire aspect of reincarnation in a bad light. I am sure it will lead to a snickering for a few weeks to come. That’s sad, because reincarnation is still a hot topic among people who are seriously studying the occult. Reincarnation is a hot topic for the Bollywood horror movie industry as well.

Rakhi Sawant is pretty popular for her out of this world and controversial statements and activities.  In 2018, Sawant grabbed the limelight saying that she’s and the popular celebrity Deepak Kalal are in a relationship. As that news gathered steam, there was a breakup video of the two and the news petered out as soon as it started.

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