Ramsay Films Made a Bollywood Sci Fi Film Too

Many Bollywood fans consider Mr. India to be one of the oldest, if not the oldest Bollywood sci-fi film, but nothing can be further than the truth. Sci-fi found a home in Bollywood much, much before Mr. India hit the screens. Sci-fi Bollywood films existed even in the era of black and white, and kowtowed with fantasy quite well. That list of old sci-fi Bollywood films might not spring a surprise, but one film definitely – the Ramsay directed Andhera.  This film is a surprise that very few will now because…

At the time of writing, it seems to be the only Ramsay Film that’s a sci-fi film. Surprisingly, the sci-fi concept  happily married Bollywood drama. That Ramsay Films made this film with the kind of money and resources available to them is a miracle.  This Bollywood sci-fi film stars Sameer, Imtiaz Khan, Vani Ganpathy and others. The miracle doesn’t end at the Ramsays making the film. It also has a Helen Dance – that was a must have for any self respecting production back in the day.

Andhera is an amusing piece of film making. Along with the aforementioned Helen dance, it also has a Holi dance, one more thing that was a staple in mainstream Bollywood. Andhera also shows the director’s ingenuity, something that we today call ‘jugaad’. The storyline has the protagonist lose his hand, and he invents a new hand for himself – with which he kills everyone who has wronged him. Of course, the resources available at that time didn’t allow for great visuals, so the Ramsays used some great camerawork to ensure believable scenes of the protagonist killing off the villains.

This Bollywood Sci-fi film is available on YouTube, and the Ramsay Films video quality is considerably good. This is another almost gone films, like Vishkanya, Pooja Bedi’s actual debut.  Watch it here and Enjoy!:

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