Ranjeet Is Now Swagging it Out On Instagram

By Bollywood Hungama, CC BY 3.0, Link

Ranjeet, the industry unto himself is now on Instagram. Its a new account, but even the first  few images will send Bollywood fans in a tizzy. And what’s more, even Dharmendra has commented on one of his photographs. The Instagram account tells a lot about the man, and he lets loose in the captions. He reveals that his debut was in Saawan Baadhon. Its a treat to watch these photos and read the captions. Some of the Instaphotos show that the man who played characters that terrified the protagonist all the time has now taken to painting.

The actor is a man of many interests and talents, it seems. In one of the photos, he reveals that he used to race horses as well.

Ranjeet might be famous for his negative roles, but he there’s one movie in which he played a positive role, even if it was a cameo.

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