Ranjit Did A Rare Positive Role In This Bollywood Horror Movie

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Every Bollywood horror movie fan knows Nagin, the Reena Roy starrer that had a stunning starcast. The cast comprised of Sunil Dutt, Kabir Bedi, Feroz Khan, Sanjay Khan, Reena Roy, Vinod Mehra, Rekha, Prem Nath and so many other names back in the seventies. The story’s iconic too by now. One person kills the a male icchadari snake, and the female icchadari snake vows revenge. She kills him and everyone who supports him.

The snake is shut down with fervent prayer. The film was a blockbuster and inspired at least one another Bollywood Horror film. There’s one fact few remember though, the positive role that Ranjit played in the film. Ranjeet is part of Indian pop culture today. He has played several villains in his career and audiences know him for that. For at least two decades, molestation scenes pictured on Ranjeet and the actress were a staple in Bollywood films. In fact, there were rumors that actresses wanted a sexual molestation scene with Ranjit, as they knew it would make them famous.

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He did some positive roles later in his career, but this positive role in the popular Bollywood horror movie, Nagin, could be his first. Not that its a big character, though. One of the friends supposed to die, played by Kabir Bedi, gets an amulet that can save him from the snake’s wrath. The snake hoodwinks the good guy (Ranjeet) to beat up Kabir’s character and take away the amulet. Small role, but its interesting to know that Bollywood horror has so many nitty gritty that we don’t think about. For example, a few days ago I realised that Satish Shah played a negative role in a Bollywood Horror Film as well.  Later on, I realised that Pooja Bedi’s debut was not the eye-popping one in Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar.  Stick with me, I will find other such tid-bits.

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