Resident Evil Coming to Netflix as a Series?

Resident Evil is one of the very few franchises to have a long run in two mediums – games and movies. Both the games and movies have undergone reboots. There are rumors now that Netflix is looking at creating a series on the iconic zombie survival concept.

Deadline first reported the rumors, but there’s no confirmation about any of the sources. Them rumors say that Constantin Film is in line to produce the series. There’s nothing cast in stone as yet.

The series thing with Netflix is still a rumor. I don’t see a reason why this shouldn’t happen if the suits have thought that it should. Netflix is becoming the go-to place for sci-fi and horror with its series like Stranger Things and Black Mirror.

Netflix is also deeply entrenched into the pure horror category with so many of Stephen King’s novels ending up as a series and a horror movie over at Netflix, like Gerald’s Game, Marianne etc.

The first game released on the PS1 in 1996 and was an influential addition to the world of gaming. Post Resident Evil, zombie apocalypse, and survival games became a rage. Even today, many mobile video games are about saving the protagonist or the world at large from zombies.  Since then, eight other Resident Evil sequels have hit the gaming channels.

Watch Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Trailer:

As for the movies, there are six Resident Evil movies, with the last one releasing in 2016, aptly titled Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.  Right now, it’s only proper for the seminal franchise to come to the streaming space. With so many content creators looking at retro content to reboot,  With its many iterations and a huge backstory,  the franchise provides the right combination for anyone looking to make an intense and thoroughly enjoyable series.

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