Robert Englund Hosts True Terror With Robert Englund

Robert Englund is the original Freddy Kruger. He’s active in the performing industry even today with so many – oh, so many projects in his hands. One of them is something that stands out and might give Englund several more fans than he already has.

The title of that project is True Terror. In the series, he’ll visit all the haunted places and explore them, giving his audience an idea of what actually happened in the places and why people think they’re haunted.

The title of the series is True Terror With Robert Englund. In each of the episodes, Englund will speak about the history of the place. The series will also have talks by historians and an amalgamation of the news reports about the place in the specific timeline.

True Terror with Robert Englund will premiere on the Travel Channel on March 18, 2020. The first episode has the title Twisted Relationships.

I think Indian audiences will love this series. India is home to several haunted places as well. Paranormal investigators routinely visit these places and make videos about their experiences in these places. These episodes are quite popular, proving that audiences do want to know more and more about the true hauntings.

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