Saamri 3D: The 3D Bollywood Horror Movie

MovieSaamri 3D
CastAniruddha Agarwal, Aarti Gupta, Asha Sachdev, Puneet Issar, Rajan Sippy, Prem Chopra, Gulshan Grover
DirectorShyam Ramsay, Tulsi Ramsay
StoryJK Ahuja
ProducerTulsi Ramsay, Gul Acchra, Ashok Kushalani, Anjali Ramsay

Saamri 3D, the Bollywood horror movie released in 1985. It’s exactly in the middle of the Ramsay legacy, which started with movies like Guest House in 1980. Their last big movie with the Ramsay stamp was Bandh Darwaza (1990). Post that, even they tried to go into the auteur, modern way of film making.

Less dramatic props and better actors, stronger storylines.  How much of that they could achieve, we can see in their movies post Bandh Darwaza. But before all that, the Ramsays released a unique little trope, Saamri 3D, possibly their first conscious attempt at creating a franchise out of a character. Here’s all you need to know about Saamri 3D

Saamri 3D story:

Thakur Dharmesh Saxena aka Saamri,  lives in a village where the villagers revere him. That’s because he dabbles in black magic and helps exorcise ghosts.  He leads a pretty relaxed life until his stepbrother, Talkifchand, finds out that Dharmesh is kicking him out of the will. He decides to set things straight with his cronies, a beautiful woman Maria, his friend the professor Chaterjee and a hotel owner Khanna.

When he comes over for the reading of the will, he says that he doesn’t mind the whole property going to his niece, Anju. Dharmesh gives an old bungalow in Khandala to Talkifchand and makes him the guardian of the will until Anju turns 18.

However, the very next day, Taklifchand and his cronies kill Dharmesh. Dharmesh’s servant says that his last wish was to be buried and the police agree to that. Now, Taklifchand tells Khanna that Saamri’s niece will be the owner of the whole estate.

Khanna tells him that he knows Anju and she comes to meet a singer in his club, Sandeep. He tells her that she will soon become the owner of the Estate. They decide to kill off Anju. They now plan to send Anju to the Khandala mansion and kill of Sandeep if he troubles them as well.

Meanwhile, Saamri’s servant digs up his dead body and takes it away, deep in the forest. Maria and the doctor arrive the same night that the servant plans to revive Saamri.  The servant succeeds in reviving Saamri by the time Sandeep and Anju reach the mansion as well.

As Anju and Sandeep begin settling in the mansion, someone already tries to kill Anju while she’s in the bath. That’s when an unknown entity kills the would-be assassin.  One by one, the cronies start dying, and the police suspecting Anju and Sandeep.

What happens to Anju and Sandeep and how Saamri takes revenge from beyond the grave forms the rest of the story.


Saamri 3D is a unique Ramsay horror movie and its a unique Bollywood horror movie as well. The movie has three unique aspects. One, this is one of the few movies that show the demon in a sympathetic light.

Second, this is a unique Bollywood horror movie because its the second appearance for a name – if not the character itself, Samri. After Veerana, this is the most spoken about Ramsay horror movie. For those who don’t know, the earlier incarnation of IHC was For some reason, the name stuck in my mind and I made a site of that name.

The third Saamri 3D aspect that’s unique is the revenge formula done right. In hindsight, every Bollywood horror movie is a revenge movie. Whether it’s the good guys left yearning for revenge or the bad guys who just can’t rest. even after death.

But with Saamri, the revenge formula had a person wronged who used black magic to get back at the people who killed him. He also goes on to save his family members. That’s something very different for a Ramsay movie.


It’s 1985, so this Bollywood horror movie has a fair amount of lights and fogs and stuff but the prosthetic work is still very good. What the movie suffers at, is the screenplay. With so many people to die and with so little time, the deaths become a kind of mandatory and there’s no joy left in the kills.

This is also the movie that has Jagdeep ripping off Michael Jackson’s Thriller. There’s another one, but that’s a South movie and the song is picturized on Chiranjeevi. This one is the Bollywood version.

The one aspect that will never be clear to me is the 3D aspect of it. I haven’t seen the movie in the theaters, so I will never able to say if the movie was actually 3D and viewed using those 3D glasses. Right now, the print that is available YouTube shows simple camera tricks that make the audience think they are watching a 3D movie.

What really struck me is the amount of skin show in this Bollywood horror movie. Now, granted there’s just a camera angle here and there, but there’s still enough to keep an adolescent glued to the screen until the killing begins, and beyond that too.

Saamri is not classic Ramsay because the staple camera angles and production values are missing, a good watch for Ramsay fans, though.

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