Saamri Only Bollywood Horror Character to be in Two Movies?

Bollywood horror movies trivia is a tricky scenario. There’s a whole decade of information that’s obscure or simply unknown. There are so many movies from the nineties that never got a wide release, or got a release but didn’t get the necessary exposure.  All this, of course, makes the entire genre a lot more interesting and the information about the horror genre so much more interesting.

For example, my research says that Saamri is the only Bollywood horror movie character to feature in two movies. One, is the iconic Purana Mandir and the other is a movie that shares his name.  The Ramsays tweaked it a little bit and the movie title was Saamri 3D.

Saamri, the name first finds mention in Islamic mythology. He was a person who tricked women into giving him their ornaments. I don’t know if the Ramsays picked this up from Islamic readings or whether it was just a brainstorm, but the name sticks, even around 40 years after the initial movies releasing.

In Purana Mandir, Saamri is a devil worshipper who traps and tortures women. When he does the same to a princess, the King captures him, decapitates him, and hides his remains in two different places. He goes on to place a trident to guard the remains. Of course, things go wrong years after his death and he is is back at it again, this time, more powerful than ever.

Watch Saamri 3D here:

In Saamri 3D,which released in 1984, the same actor, Anirruddha Agarwal, who played Saamri in Purana Mandir, is someone who uses black magic to cure the villagers. His relatives kill him, in a bid to usurp his property. This time around, Saamri returns from the dead and kills all of them. The climactic sequence says that he becomes the first Bollywood horror movie character to have survived.

With this, Saamri (1985) becomes the only known character to play a role in two Bollywood horror movies. He also becomes one of the very few horror demons who have a sympathetic backstory.

In Saamri 3D, the Ramsays built the Saamri mythology to a hilt. He’s saving a young woman from a possession, some members of the villagers actually sing paens for him and then, there’s this aspect of him not dying and ‘going into the wilderness’, that’s something they say in the climax.

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