Salem’s Lot Coming to the Big Screen

Salem's Lot, the Stephen King classic is getting a remake at the hands and mind of James Wan.

Salem’s Lot, Stephen King’s favorite novel has already seen two tv series. Now, James Wan is looking to bring it to the big screen. The remake is in the works since April 2019 over at Warner Bros. 2019 was really the year that Stephen King’s works shone once again.

With Netflix bringing several of Stephen King’s classics, newer, younger audiences started taking notice. Warner Bros also brought to the big screen Stephen King’s classic, It in 2017. In 2019, the sequel to the Hollywood horror movie hit the screens.

Watch Salem’s Lot trailer here:

With Salem’s Lot in the able hands of James Wan, according to this article, horror movie fans can look forward to another interesting and engaging experience. The Salem’s Lot book is an important yardstick in the world of the Vampire genre today. Romance and comedy have taken over the vampire franchise since the past decade.

To an extent, Buffy the Vampire Slayer also added the action genre to the vampire one.  Of course, the Blade franchise made it difficult for anyone to look at a vampire movie as not being an action fest. 

BBC’s Dracula brought some respite to the vampire genre in 2019. If Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot, which is one of the first vampire genre books gets the right treatment, we have another horror subgenre on our hands. 

It’s increasingly interesting that James Wan and other young creators are looking to remake or re-imagine the older concepts and franchises. With the advent of streaming, more and more creators are becoming freer. In 2019, we had a deluge of remakes, 

We had Invisible Man, which did well at the box office. We have the upcoming Halloween Kills this year and Halloween Ends the next year. We also had Fantasy Island this year. There’s rumors that Child’s Play might reach the world of remakes, so on and so forth. 


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