Sam Raimi Confirms More Evil Dead, Doesn’t Say What

Evil Dead

If there was ever a franchise we loved while growing up, it was Evil Dead. Bruce Campbell became one of the ‘oh we know this actor’ soon enough. Now, Sam Raimi, the architect of the franchise, has confirmed that there’s more Evil Dead coming. He said it in as many word at the New York Comic Con, that wrapped up last week. There is little information apart from that – maybe we should get some Indian journos to these events – but those words have sent fans in a tizzy. Will Bruce Campbell be back? He said he’s retired. Will this be a spin-off of the franchise, will it be a reboot, who knows. All I can say is that all of us over at IHC welcome this news. The new project could even be a sequel to Ash Vs Evil Dead series on Starz as well. You never know until you know.

See the official Evil Dead trailer here:

Evil Dead is one of the oldest running horror franchises – after the Halloween franchise. The franchise consists of films, television series, comic books, and so much more. The franchise is also one of the few – and possibly the first – to have made the move from an out and out horror film to a horror comedy and supernatural fantasy franchise within the space of one film – that being Army of Darkness, which released in the naughty nineties.

Post that, the franchise experienced a reboot, with an film in the franchise releasing in 2013. People associated with the film have talked about a continuation to the franchise since 2013. With this 2019 announcement, we can only hope that anything related to this horror film gets fastracked. It will be interesting to see how Evil Dead turns out. It’s contemporary, Halloween, has had a successful run in the 2000s as well.

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