Sanjeev Kumar Was Mad Scientist in This Film

Sanjeev Kumar is famous for his iconic roles in AAA movies, like Sholay, Aandhi, Silsilay, Mausam and so many more.  But horror fans also have fond memories of him playing the quintessential mad scientist in the Bollywood horror movie, Chehre Pe Chehra. The movie released in 1980 and takes its inspiration from the Hollywood sci-fi movie Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Along with Sanjeev Kumar, Chehre Pe Chehra stars the who’s who of seventies cinema, so it’s not a small movie by any yardstick. Along with Kumar, the movie also stars Vinod Mehra, Shatrughan Sinha and Rekha.  The storyline goes something like this:

Sanjeev Kumar plays a scientist who comes up with a strange concoction. With that, he becomes stronger and aggressive. As time passes, he no longer has control over his alter ego and that spirals him into a world of crime. What happens next forms the rest of the horror movie’s story.
Watch Chehre Pe Chehra here:

The movie is one of the most interesting Bollywood sci-fi movies, there’s also a lot of religious mumbo-jumbo trussed in. Along with that, the characters repeatedly talk about humans falling foul of God’s plan and discuss other aspects like atheism to the character that Sanjeev Kumar plays.

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