Satish Kaul, Bandh Darwaza’s Anand is Broke

Satish Kaul was a popular face on TV and in the films back in the eighties and nineties. Horror fans will remember him as Anand in the Bollwyood horror movie Bandh Darwaza. Satish Kaul had a major role in the movie, as he is the one who first supports his sister, Sapna when she’s targetted by Kamya. His character also loses his wife in the process. Bandh Darwaza is quite famous among Bollywood horror movie fans.

Satish Kaul has worked in several Punjabi movies and other Bollywood horror movies like Kabrastan and Khooni Mahal. According to this video of Tabassum Talkies, people hailed him as the Amitabh Bachchan of Punjabi cinema.  Times of India reports that Satish Kaul is in dire straits now and without work. According to Priti Sapru, his contemporary, he suffered financial issues after his acting school shut down.  Sapru and her brother, Tej Sapru, have worked in many a Bollywood horror movie as well.

Priti said that she has helped Satish whenever she could and had also written to the Punjab Government, who gave him five lakhs. He is now staying with a nurse, who used to take care of him in an old age home previously. Interestingly, Tabassum Talkies did a video on him just three days ago. Have a look at it and you will know more about the person:

Its distressing to read and hear about iconic and famous yesteryear actors who have fallen to bad times. Satish Kaul isn’t the first to have this and won’t be the last, until someone takes some concrete steps on a holistic level.

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