Satish Shah Played A Negative Role In Purana Mandir

Satish Shah, the well known comedy actor in Bollywood, once played a negative role in the Bollywood Horror Movie, Purana Mandir

Satish Shah, Bollywood Horror Movie
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Satish Shah is a veteran. He is been part of countless films and television series. Everyone knows him for his comic timing, and consider him to be one of the best comedians, even today. The only criticism about him could be that he has never diversified from his comedy-drama roles. Of course, there’s no reason for him not to. You don’t repair what’s not broken. However, we cannot say that Shah never tried. Because, as YouTube proves, Satish Shah did act in one Bollywood Horror film that saw him in a different avatar. That one is a classic Bollywood horror movie.  Satish was a mainstay in Ramsay productions, playing the hero’s sidekick, the heroine’s brother, so on and so forth, all staple.

However, one role among all these stand out – his character in the Bollywood horror movie Purana Mandir. Audiences remember Purana Mandir for the lilting song ‘Woh Beete Din Yaad Hain’. But Bollywood horror movies fans should also remember Purana Mandir for Satish’s character – a man with a limp who falls in love with a house help and wants to escape with her, but only after stealing a treasure.

Interestingly, this isn’t even a supporting arc – this is the incident that actually releases the demon. Before you begin to discuss whether Satish could have made for a great villain, let me clarify that he doesn’t have much of a role and therefore there’s no real yardstick for us to measure his acting prowess as a villain by. He’s in the film for approximately 10 to 20 minutes and he’s busy dying most of that duration.

Purana Mandir is one of the most successful Bollywood horror films.  The deeper we dig, we find out more interesting facets of the entertainment business. In fact, Bollywood horror films have been the debuts of many successful actors and actresses down the line. Keep visiting this site for more information and tidbits like this.

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