The Mandela Effect Could Be This Generation’s Matrix

Yes, I know we have a Matrix 4 in the making. But while that takes time, we have another film that lands splat between the sci-fi and the horror film domain – The Mandela Effect. It’s a miracle that such an interesting premise got a film of its own just now. The film’s about a father who loses his daughter. As he tries to get his life back on track, he notices that things aren’t like he remembers him – which nudges him towards The Mandela Effect.

The Mandela Effect is about people who remember things one way, which is way different from reality. There’s a lot of conspiracy going on about this, like the comment that we are living in alternate universes and we jump from reality to reality. The Mandela Effect is inspired by the fact that many people remember Nelson Mandela as being dead in the 1980s. This sci-fi horror film stars Charlie Hofheimer and Aleska Palladino. From the trailer of the horror film itself, it is clear that the film is going all out with the idea that The Mandela Effect is because of someone trying to control the realities that we know as being real. The film is vying for a release on December 6. There’s a buzz that the film will not release in theaters and instead have a streaming release.

Watch the Mandela Effect Trailer here:

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