Scream 5 In the Works, Neve Campbell Confirms

The Scream Franchise is returning and may have Neve Campbell

Scream 5 will hit theaters some time or the other – that’s if civilization comes out of the real-life horror scenario that it’s living in. The fifth Hollywood horror movie in the franchise, Scream 5, was part of a discussion that Neve Campbell, the final girl from the initial movies had with the producers and directors. There’s no news whether this is a continuation or its a reboot.

But Neve has gone to town, telling a couple of news outlets that she is in talks with the new directors for a return. She said that it’s difficult for her to commit to a Scream that doesn’t have Wes. However, she says that the directors look totally committed to doing justice to the legacy that’s Scream. We’d like to believe Neve. She’s the one who knows best about the franchise anyway.

Watch Scream 4 Trailer:

Critics and audiences consider Scream to be a genre-bending Hollywood horror franchise and I agree with them. The movie brought teenage angst, college politics, and college romances into the mud pit that’s a Hollywood slasher movie. That’s Wes Craven and that’s the kind of movie we love. Tyler Gillet and Matt Bentillini-Olpin are in the director’s seat this time around. They directed the smash-hit Ready or Not.

The Hollywood horror movie Scream has survived quite a few things since its release in the late nineties. The movie franchise also had a web series spin-off on Netflix, and that opened to good reviews as well. As Halloween has proven, audiences are always ready to embrace a classic slasher flick, again, and again.

With the Scream franchise returning, I wonder if the Dimension Film’s other slasher flick, Final Destination is anywhere near the reboot/sequel building. And then again, we have the I Knew What You Did Last Summer franchise almost gagging out of the door.

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